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How do I know which vendors I can trust? Which vendors offer services I ACTUALLY need? Should I build my own website or pay someone else?  These are common questions I hear all the time from clients and small business owners. At Bridgetech, we're here to help you answer those tough questions. 

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We work hard to understand your business and your specific needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, let us know! We may be able to help, or can likely point you in a direction of a qualified professional!


Internet Marketing is a complex area for any small business owner to navigate, but also extremely important in today’s world.  With all of the different channels and vendors to choose from, how do you determine what you need, and which vendor(s) to choose? We’ll develop a plan that meets your needs and keeps you on budget.


Are you looking to upgrade the look of your website? Do you want to improve the way your customers communicate with you on the web? We build customized responsive websites for our clients with custom functionality to meet your needs.


Have you been thinking about adding an e-commerce store into your business? We have years of experience working on these projects and would love to help. We understand each business is unique and has varying requirements when it comes to being successful in this space.


Still working with a gmail, yahoo, or aol account? Do you want to improve rapport with your customers and streamline the way your business communicates with your customers via email? We can help setup domain-specific email at a reasonable cost using reliable solutions.

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I love working in and with small businesses. Helping my clients understand how they can leverage today’s technology in their business is my passion. I understand that each scenario is unique, and out-of-the-box solutions are often as appetizing to small business owners as an out-of-the-box meal. It’s easier, sure, but they’re rarely the best choice and aren’t always particularly cost-effective either.  I’m always interested in learning new things, and love researching the latest techniques to apply to unique situations. Have an idea on how to improve your business using technology, but just not quite sure how to get it done? Get in touch with me! I’d love to hear about it and help you see it to completion.

Dan Betke

Founder / CTO

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